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Training Video with Callie #2

In this training video I demonstrated her sit stay, down stay, place stay, touch, leave it, and sit at the door. We have been building up her distance and duration and adding in distractions. When you are training your dog you don't want to room to be quiet all the time. Adding in the 3 D's will help your dog learn better and listen better when you are in different locations with different sounds. During this video the windows where open and I made a couple loud noises. Also, I was talking the whole time she was in her commands. She does get a lot of distractions from the kids as well, so if you have kids, use them! They make great distractions.

I talked about her begging for food at the table. She has never been feed from the table but she has gotten little scraps from the floor that the kids have dropped. She also has a really good nose and has figured out where the food is coming from. We are managing it with putting her on place bed or putting her in her crate so she learns to not be around people when there is food out. It will take a long time for her to understand that because of how food motivated she is.

This video is just a demo video so you can see what I work on with my own dogs as well as my clients. If you would like a more in-depth understanding of the training I do, contact me and we can set up training sessions for you. I offer in-home dog training for you and your dog!

I hope you enjoy the video!


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