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Star Mark Clicker

This clicker is the easiest one to use because of the way it is designed. The orange button in the middle makes it easy to click so your timing is spot on.  It can be found at Pet Valu or on


This is another great interactive toy. You can put peanut butter, pumpkin and plain organic yogurt, mashed up banana, etc, into it and freeze it. Once it is frozen your dogs will enjoy licking the food out of it and it keeps them busy. The Kong comes in Classic Kong which is red, Extreme Kong which is black, and Puppy Kong which is blue or pink. It is available at any pet store or on


The bob-a-lot toy is an interactive toy that allows your dog to play with their food. If you have a dog that eats to fast or you want to give your dog something to do while you get ready for work or make dinner this is the perfect toy. The yellow top screws off and that is where the food goes in. On the purple part there is a little door that opens and this is were the food falls out. The door can be adjusted to make is easier or harder for the food to fall out. On average it takes about 20 minutes for a dog to finish eating. The bob-a-lot can be found on or in some local pet stores. 

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are great chew toys for dogs. They are easily digestible and you can put them in the Kong when you fill the Kong with food. You can also let your dog chew them as is. They are available at any pet store or

GI Bone

The GI bone is an all natural marrow bone. The marrow is on the inside and outside of the bone and the dogs chew of the marrow and are left with a solid bone they can chew on. You can also put peanut butter inside of it every once in a while. The marrow will not stain your carpets. The GI Bone can be found at your local pet store or Pawsitivley Pure and Pet Valu have nice GI bones with lots of marrow in them. 

Kurgo 6 in 1 Leash

The Kurgo Leash is a great hands free leash. It can be worn around your waist or cross body. It can also be used to walk one or two dogs using the handle, or it can be used as a tie out. This is one of the best hands free leashes and it is very sturdy. It can be found at or at Petvalu pet stores

Dog Food Log

These are a great training treat for dogs. It can be cut up into bite size pieces for training. These are one of the most economical way to buy treats. The log goes a long way. When you buy the log either cut it all up and freeze some of it and keep some out for training, or cut the long up into chunks and freeze the chucks and keep some cut in the fridge. This is actual food so it does need to be kept in the fridge or freezer.  There are a lot of companies sell this log, natural balance, blue buffalo, or pet bionic at Petsmart. The log can be found at your local pet store or

Musher's Secret

This is a wax that protects your dogs feet from the elements. If you walk or run your dog on hot or cold surfaces it will protect their pads from the heat or cold. It also protects them from the wear and tear on the road if you are running or walking longer distances. It basically puts a barrier between your dogs pads and the surface they are walking on. I highly recommend this product. I have used it on my dogs pads when we go running his pads aren't even red when we are done. It can be found on 

Bitter Apple

Bitter Apple is a spay that is used to keep dogs from chew on surfaces they aren't supposed to be chewing on. How it works is you spray the object that your dog has been chewing on with Bitter Apple. When they go back to chew on it, it doesn't taste good at all and they stop chewing on that surface. You should also redirect your dog to a chew toy that they can chew on so they make the connection that chewing on the table leg is bad, chewing on the bone is good. Just test the surface first with a little spray to make sure that it doesn't discolor that surface. IT can be found at any pet store or on 



Rabbitgoo No Pull Harness

This Harness was introduced to me by a client of mine and it is a great harness. It is like the easy walk harness but has a lot more padding so your dog won't chafe under the arms. It is also reflective and can be hooked to the front of the chest or the back. There is a handle on the back of the harness just in case you need it. It is available on 

Here is a list of books that I have read and feel are good books to help you learn more about how your dog learns and dog training.

I put Feisty Fido on here because it is a great very short book that helps you with your leash reactive dog.

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