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Private Classes

Consistent Canine Training offers in-home private lessons that are specifically designed for you and your dog.  

There are many benefits to in-home training which include minimal distractions; individualized lessons, based on the needs of you and your dog; and usually results are seen quickly.  

The in-home training starts with an evaluation to observe your dog's behavior and to talk about what you would like to accomplish.  There are lessons to follow. Lessons start with basic commands and behavior issues, if any.  Once your dog has learned the basic commands and is doing well at home, we usually go to a park or pet store to add distractions. The evaluation is about an hour and a half and the lessons are an hour once a week. 

* Basic Commands:  Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Heeling, Recall, Sit at the Door, Leave it, and Drop it. 

Call for pricing. 

Group Classes

Graduating Group Class

Consistent Canine Training is now offering group dog training classes at the Brecksville United Methodist Church . The classes will run for 6 weeks in the evenings. The cost of the class is $225 per dog. See below for dates and times. 

The classes will focus on basic obedience and hopefully adding advanced obedience classes as time goes on. The advanced obedience class will focus on Canine good Citizen training. 

The basic obedience class will cover: Sit, Down, Touch, Watch Me, Place, Stay, Recall, Heeling, Leave it, and Sit at the door. 

The Canine Good Citizen class will cover the commands that need to be known to pass the test. This will include:

1. Accepting a friendly stranger

2. Sit politely for petting

3. Appearance and grooming

4. Loose lease walking

5. Walking through a crowd

6. Sit and Down on command and staying in place

7. Coming when called

8. Reaction to another dog

9. Reaction to distractions

10. Supervised separation 

If you would like to look up the descriptions of the commands you can visit the CGC website at

Class Schedule: 

  • Basic Obedience Group Classes at Brecksville United Methodist Church,

    • No group classes at this time. 

  • Advanced  Obedience Group Class at Brecksville United Methodist Church. 

    • No group classes at this time.

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